Oh dear…

Lips is scared that he’s getting too emotionally invested in our relationship. This will be interesting.

My first little blue bag… 💖

My first little blue bag… 💖

Life’s good!

Things are going quite well for me right now. Here’s hoping it stays this way!


I had my first overnight stay with Lips. He’s super in to me.. He’s a nice guy, but so damn boring. Sometimes I don’t know what to say to him. I kinda want to drop him, but I’m not sure how? However, he did agree to give me a raise in my allowance! $$$$

BUT… He was monitoring my activity on SA. I logged in one day to read my mail, and he texted me later that night asking about it. Not sure if I should consider his reaction as a foreshadowing… I don’t like jealous people, and I don’t like people who want explanations for everything.


I have a new POT who I met on AM. We have so much in common and he’s definitely loaded(!) We have yet to do anything besides eat and drink… but fingers crossed that this turns into something great.


Yesterday was busy for me. I went on both a lunch and dinner date. My lunch date was with a guy I met on WYP. After 10 minutes of talking, he immediately wanted to set up an arrangement.. I told him I’d let him know if I’m interested.

My dinner date was with another guy I saw a month ago. I didn’t really want to meet with him again, and made up excuses so that he would lose interest. But he was persistent, so I figured I’d get a free dinner out of it. Not interested in pursing anything with him at all.


The best part of my night was at the end! #2 came back from the dead and contacted me… I told him that I found someone, but agreed to meet him for drinks because I wanted to know where he disappeared to. It was really great seeing him again after not seeing him for a month. We both missed each other a lot. He kept on apologizing for bailing, and wanted to get back together, so I decided to see how badly he missed me. ;) This time around, I’ll be getting a much bigger allowance. $$$$$


Sending out love & good vibes to my fellow sugar babies!

POT dates galore

I went on a coffee date with a guy from AM a few weeks ago. I could tell he wasn’t my type (Asian) & we probably wouldn’t mesh, but I thought what the heck, you never know. I asked if he would bring me a gift for my time & he said yes.. I hinted that I was shopping around for a new wallet & sent him a link to a Burberry wallet that I’ve been eyeing for a while. He said “sure, no problem” so I actually got excited to meet him. The day rolls around & we grab coffee. He started stammering and stumbling over his words when he saw me *ego boost*. But like I predicted, there was 0 chemistry. He was also borderline rude, but it could be a cultural thing. He offered me a pretty substantial allowance, but I don’t think I could stand being intimate with him, let alone being around him for much longer than 30 minutes. I haven’t responded to him in a few weeks, but he’s quite persistent.

Ahh I’ve had this que’d up for weeks! New post incoming as well.. 

Sugar Baby Blogs?


Like or reblog if you post personal stories and pictures!

I don’t like looking at the tag a lot. I need more sugar baby blogs to follow.

I purged my following blogs a little while ago, and I’m still seeing a lot of reblogs. I did this before and I found a few more blogs to follow…


My new watch! I absolutely love it.

My new watch! I absolutely love it.

Hmm, haven’t posted in a minute. I should probably do that.

Lips is great, if not a bit boring & reserved. He has such a good memory & pays attention to every detail, so at times it’s hard for me to keep my composure & my little white lies straight! :/ He brought me a graduation gift when I met him for dinner last night: a gorgeous watch. Once I get that baby sized, it’s never leaving my wrist. 💖

However, I’m not sure how long this arrangement will last.. Our conversations are rather dry. He likes short answers & long silences, which I usually don’t mind, but it’s nerve wracking when I can’t read him. He can’t talk about work, & he doesn’t like talking about his family.. I’ve been trying to find out what hobbies he has but haven’t gotten too far. I need help with topics!

I know that he’s attracted to me & finds me charming, but I want there to be more…

As for the other two POTs, I stopped seeing #3 because of his financial situation. Gifts are nice, but I’m all for an allowance.

I thought #2 was golden, but he’s been super busy lately & likes to plan things last minute, which doesn’t quite work with my schedule. I haven’t seen him in a few weeks. I like him & we get along well, but I’m keeping my options open..

Which leads me to right now. I’m looking for a backup, since #2 seems like he won’t hang around & my allowance from Lips is kind of low. I have several dates lined up. Please pray to the sugar gods for me!



19th & 20th century tiaras

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The Girl Who’s Never Been on a Nice Date: The Car.


lmao this was me the first time I got in Lips’ car

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